3 years fellowship: Global Psychiatric Clinical Research Training Program for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, or a PhD candidate from an accredited school of public health

Organised by: 
The Massachusetts General Hospital

Accept applications for the second year of the fellowship on a continual basis until June 30, 2014 or until the available slot has been filled.

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Global Psychiatric Clinical Research Training Program is a three-year program designed to develop independent and productive clinical scientists committed to addressing the rising burden of mental illness in global settings.


Psychiatric and neurological disorders are dominant contributors to the global burden of disability and mortality, are linked to substantial social and economic costs, and are associated with worse general health and chronic disease outcomes. The current dearth of mental health research in low to middle-income countries, and the limited human capacity to conduct rigorous, culturally-appropriate, clinically relevant studies in these areas with the highest needs, hinders the development of evidence-based policy and practice, and stunts the advancement of effective service delivery.

As communicable diseases are supplanted by non-communicable, chronic, and neuro- and psychiatric diseases, the academic medicine workforce must be realigned with the emerging health priorities of the new century. The MGH Global Psychiatric Clinical Research Training Program will prepare a cadre of researchers committed to working collaboratively across disciplines and cultures to address priority global mental health challenges through a well-defined clinical career path, rigorous training in clinical research methods, cross-cultural and public mental health competencies, and significant global mental health research experience in resource-constrained areas, conflict-affected settings, and countries ravaged by poverty.

Fellowship Goals:

  1. Select outstanding psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and PhD candidate from an accredited School of Public Health and wide applicant pool, targeting candidates’ motivation and potential for an independent research career in academic medicine.
  2. Provide fellows with the financial support, scientific mentorship, didactic training, supportive institutional environment (domestic and abroad), and challenging research questions to assist productive independent research careers in global mental health.
  3. Create a cadre of health professionals who are committed to long-term global mental health in resource-limited areas, and who are able to work collaboratively across disciplines and borders.
  4. Harness the growing interest in issues in global health to attract high-quality trainees to the field of mental health and position graduates to become the mentors and educators of the future.
  5. Address the national shortage of globally oriented researchers in clinical psychiatry and psychology who can meet the mental health needs in resource limited and post-conflict areas.

Project Sites

  1. Massachusetts General Hospital
  2. Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Uganda)
  3. Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
  4. University of Cape Town (South Africa)
  5. Stellenbosch University (South Africa)