3rd Global Mental Health Summit: Presentations

Summit Description

The 3rd Global Mental Health Summit was held August 21-22 in Bangkok, Thailand, in association with the World Congress of Asian Psychiatry (WCAP). Below is a summary of each session, with the name and topic of each presenter. On this page you will find attached the corresponding presentation slides. 

MGMH is grateful to the presenters for making these presentations available to the MGMH membership.

Summit Progam

1. Global mental health and the post-MDG development agenda

  • Lopez, A. The Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study: Key findings and implications for global health and development
  • Whiteford, H. The Global Burden of Mental Disorders: Findings from GBD 2010
  • Saxena, S. The WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan (this video presentation will be available in late October, with the release of the other presentation videos)
  • Collins, P. Grand Challenges in Global Mental Helath: Integration in Research, Policy and Practice (slides unavailable)

2. Intersectoral partnerships (especially partnerships with governments) and governance

  • Cuong La, D & Le Van Ngoc, T. The National Taskforce on Community Mental Health System Development, Vietnam
  • Duc, T. The Vietnam National Programme on Community-Based Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for People with Mental Problems, 2011-2020
  • Mongkol, A. The ASEAN Mental Health Taskforce
  • Underhill, C. Intersectoral Partnerships: Lessons from the BasicNeeds programs

3. Mental health and human rights

  • Utami, D. Indonesia Bebas Pasung (Free from Restraints) Program
  • Diatri, H. Evaluation of the Indonesia Bebas Pasung Program
  • Utomo, B. KPSI: Building a consumer network across Indonesia
  • Colucci, E. Breaking the Chains (this was an advance screening. More information about this film and a trailer can be found here: http://erminiacolucci.weebly.com/breaking-the-chains.html)

4. The future organisation of MGMH

  • Wright, A. The structure of MGMH - results of the membership survey
  • Minas, H. Human security and the post-2015 development agenda
  • Eaton, J. MGMH and the post-2015 development agenda
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