The Movement's Charter

The Movement for Global Mental Health ("The Movement") is a global network of individuals and organisationss committed to  the goal of scaling up evidence-based services for people living with mental disorders and to protecting their human rights. This is the primary focus of the Movement.

The Movement has developed directly from the Lancet Series on Global Mental Health (2007). The objective is to facilitate the implementation of the Lancet Call for Action.

The Movement is a coalition whose individual and organisational members invest their own resources to carry out activities that will advance the goals of the Movement. They can also raise additional resources for this purpose.

The Movement does not have a chairperson, bank account or budget.

The Movement is managed by a secretariat and an advisory group.

The secretariat is a rotating secretariat with a 3-year term, which is selected by the advisory group through a voting system. The first secretariat was established in early 2011, and is based at the Centre for International Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The role of the secretariat is to:

  • Support and advocate for the Movement
  • Maintain the website, appointing editors who are responsible for specific sections
  • Propose new members of the advisory group, with a focus on maintaining and increasing diversity
  • Provide, from time to time, summaries and analyses of the Movement’s activities, including plans for future actions, which will be posted on the website for members of the Movement to comment upon and use (e.g. for the advocacy campaign)
  • Plan and conduct the Global Mental Health summits

The advisory group initially comprised authors of the original Lancet series on global mental health and took on many of the activities of the secretariat prior to the establishment of the secretariat. The group members have changed over time to make it more diverse, focusing especially on increasing participation of users, women and persons based on low and middle income countries. Members of the advisory group are all volunteers. Their role is to provide overall guidance on the Movement's activities and to take responsibility for its strategic direction.

If you have any suggestions about this Charter, please contact the secretariat.