Human rights

About Human Rights

People with mental health problems and people with intellectual disabilities continue to face wide-ranging and severe human rights abuses in many countries. Both these groups are subjected to violations of their human rights such as arbitrary involuntary institutionalisation and isolation, deprivation of legal capacity, and discrimination, and infringements of their right to education and employment.

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Fourth Global Mental Health Summit

Nothing About Us, Without Us - Voices from the Global South

28th-29th November 2015

Movement For Global Mental Health is delighted to announce the fourth Global Mental Health Summit to be held at the TISS Campus in Mumbai, India on the 28th and 29th of November 2015. The focus of this year’s Global Health Summit, themed “Nothing About Us, Without Us”, will be driven mainly by persons living with mental health issues from different social, cultural and educational ecosystems. The aim is to bring to the forefront voices of individuals from marginalized backgrounds, those who are rarely represented in discussions related to the mental health agenda. 

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