Announcement to host the new MGMH Secretariat

Dear Advisory group and Members of the MGMH,


Thank you for your support and constant engagement to advocate mental health issues at the national and international levels. Because of your support and participation, we have been able to keep up momentum in global mental health. As a global mental health community, we are growing bigger and getting stronger by the day. It has been an honor to run the secretariat of the Movement for Global Mental Health at The Public Health Foundation of India.  The secretariat has been working to bind our members and stakeholders through social media platforms and publishing a monthly newsletter. We successfully hosted the 4th global mental health summit and took part in the historical World Bank meeting on global mental health. The past three years have been most fruitful.


However, there is much left to do. We believe we are striding forward in the right direction and it is in this spirit that the time to draw on past tradition is upon us once more. To keep the movement democratic and people centric, we rotate the secretariat every three years and going by tradition, some of our members will come forward and take the lead to sustain the movement. The current secretariat is thus pleased to announce a public call from interested institutions to run the secretariat of the MGMH for the next three years starting from late 2016.  Please do send your application, stating why you are interested to take the lead along with a brief note on your institutional capacity to support the basic activities of the secretariat. Please send us the name of your organization, your institutional strength and the person who will be leading the secretariat as the principal coordinator at .  


It is challenging to run the secretariat, but indeed worthwhile. With a reach of over 10,000 members alone, real impact and coalition is possible through the movement. Please do submit your application by the mid- July, 2016. The decision to handover to the new secretariat will be made via direct member voting.


Thanking you all for your support.


I look forward to working together with you all in the coming days.


Jagannath Lamichhane

Principal Coordinator, Movement for Global Mental Health 

Human Rights Activist & Freelance Journalist

Founder, Nepal Mental Health Foundation (NMHF)


Submitted by Kelly ODonnell 2 on 9 February 2014 - 4:16pm.

Congratualtions Jagannath and PHFI!

We are delighted that you are taking on the MGMH Secretariat--thank you!

We are looking forwad to working together.

Warm greetings from Geneva,

Kelly O'Donnell and Ann Lindsay

on behalf of the NGO Forum for Health

Mental Health and Psychosocial Working Group

Kelly ODonnell 2