Are you involved in mental health policy and systems research (MHPSR)?

International research on mental health policy and systems research (MHPSR)

To borrow from the work of the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research efforts to develop a database on Health Policy and Systems Research, MGMH would like to develop a database of Mental Health Policy and Systems Research and share it with the MGMH members.

We invite all Principal Investigators or Project Coordinators involved in ongoing HPSR projects in low- and middle-income countries to complete this survey on current health policy and systems research initiatives. This information will enable the Alliance to collect ongoing research as well as enhance visibility of projects in the field. This form should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

Criteria for Survey

To be included in this database, studies should be:

  • Conducted in a developing country setting.
  • Focus on mental health policy and systems research.

Health policy and systems research (HPSR) is defined broadly as the production of new knowledge to improve how societies organize themselves to achieve health goals. The World Health Organization defines a health system as all organizations, people, and actions whose primary purpose is to promote, restore or maintain health, and identifies six main building blocks of healthcare systems:

  • Service Delivery;
  • Information and Evidence;
  • Medical Products and Technology;
  • Health Workforce;
  • Health Financing;
  • Leadership and Governance.

Please use the following submissions page to complete the survey.

Publication source: 
MGMH Secretariat, Melbourne Australia
Publication date: 
3 March 2013