Call For Applications: MGMH New Principal Coordinator / Secretariat

Call for Applications

NEW Principal Coordinator/ Secretariat for the MGMH


DEADLINE 31 March 2019


The MGMH calls on persons with lived experience and a supporting organisation to jointly apply for the position of Principal Coordinator (person with lived experience) and Secretariat (supporting organisation).


Applications/Enquiries to be submitted to:

     The Principal Coordinator

     Ms Charlene Sunkel



Potential candidates may apply by submitting the following documents in support of their application:


Principal Coordinator candidate:

·         Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

·         Brief biography (350 words)

·         Photograph

·         Motivation letter explaining how the individual’s skills/ experience are suited

·         Reference letter/ letter of support

·         Any supporting documents/ links to articles, website, social media

Secretariat candidate:

·         The supporting organisation to complete the application form - “MGMH Application Form Secretariat”

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Publication date: 
27 January 2019