South Africa

Since the establishment of the MGMH, a biannual Summit had been hosted - the first in Athens in 2009, the second in Cape Town in 2011, the third in Bangkok in 2013 and the 4th in Mumbai in 2015. The 5th Summit is planned to be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa in from 8-9 February 2018.

The Global Mental Health Summit is a biennial conclave of people from across the globe who are passionate about mental health, who come together to share experiences and innovations, discuss the needs and upscaling of mental health services, identify opportunities to overcome challenges that impact on the lives and human rights of persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. The ultimate aim of the Summit is to set service intervention and policy targets deriving from the agenda topics.

The focus of the 5th Global Mental Health Summit, themed “Leaving No One Behind” as per the aspiration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligns the Summit agenda with the SDGs and emphasize that mental health forms a vital component in achieving the SDGs. The aim further is to bring to the forefront the voices of persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities and establish their role as a key partner in mental health but also in achieving the goals set out in the SDGs.

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It was late December 1999, and I knew I had hit rock bottom. The day remains a fuzzy memory, but I knew my life would change. I wanted to die so badly, and I had taken interest in animating this process in my head; the option of jumping over the bridge had since passed; an overdose seemed easier given accessibility to street drugs in Vancouver. Mine would be amongst the many unclaimed Jane Doe bodies collected from the downtown east side of Vancouver. I had seen people using drugs, zoned out for the world, I imagined they had not a care in a world that had forgotten and forsaken them. A glazed look into no man’s land was what I yearned for on this day and prayed that it would lead to my final demise. Depression had taken over my life and I had to stop these sad feelings from consuming me. What transpired on this day, my desire for life and need to speak out took a turn for the best. ... Read full story in attached pdf