JENGA V Practical Training Workshop on Creativity, Imagination and Dreams

1 February 2018 - 3 February 2018
Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA), Nairobi
Contact person: 
Brinda Wachs

Are you a Mental Health and/or Psycho-Social Support Professional? A School or Church Counselor? A Drug/Alcohol/Addiction Counselor? A student of Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Nursing, Medicine or a Community Healthcare Provider?


Or just interested in the magical world where art, imagination and dreams coalesce? Please join us for an exciting three days exploring the BodyMind Approach to Expressive Arts and the Fundamentals of Jungian Dream Analysis

What is the objective and what will I learn? This Workshop is intended to help MHPSS practitioners and students of Psychology to learn basic tools of Art Therapy and the use of Expressive Arts according to the BodyMind Approach, the new generation of MHPSS interventions, which consider the totality of the body and mind of the individual, both children and adults. When we express with our bodies and our minds, we can find our psychic balance.


Expressive Arts are both Therapeutic and Diagnostic -- By expressing themselves through drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and dream analysis, patients can alleviate anxiety and depression, regulate difficult emotions like rage, fear and shame, and find psychic balance. Through this Workshop you will learn how to interpret pictures, dreams and other symbolic material to better understand the unconscious and inner world of your clients, patients and of yourself.